Picture from The Lens Flare Website

This blog won’t have anything to do with whatever theme I have going on.

I love thunderstorms. There’s a mystery and intensity to them. The fact that you just don’t know. You can see it on the radar but you don’t know what’s coming. And as intense as they might be, they’re relaxing to listen to.

Inclimate weather of any kind throws everyone off. It’s all you can think and talk about.  With snow, well, it just sucks if you have to leave the house. But it’s quiet and you can somewhat forget that snowpocolypse is going on outside your window.

But with thunderstorms, they’re loud and demanding.  They beg for your attention.  They require it in full. Even if you’re ignoring it or busy, you know it’s there.

There’s a waterfall hitting the roof, with blowing winds tapping at the window. Booming noises followed by flashing light. Sounds trippy when you think about it.  And yet somehow, relaxing.

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