There Will Be A Day The Bottles Come Down

It’s funny what is so cool at one point in your life just becomes a mess in clutter. Last weekend I shredded all my journals from high school and early college. Tonight, I took the bottles off the mantle. For so long I had to leave them up. Memories. All kinds of fun nights, and not so fun nights, with my friends. Also, I felt like I wanted to keep them up there because some of those were so expensive. Others though, definitely memories.

It doesn’t fit me or my boyfriend anymore though. They haven’t fit either one of us, or our friends for a long time and I’ve felt as though it’s been an inaccurate portrayal. It’s the last remnice of a “bachelor pad” his place had.  Since I moved in, we’ve done some work here and there. That was the last piece.

I’m not a big drinker, never have been. But did (and still do for some circumstances) find it really neat to have some cool alcohol bottles on display. Yet all things come to an end, and so I bid farewell to the bottles on the mantle. I have taken a picture to remember you.


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