Don’t Save Everything

I’ve been moved out of my parents house 100% since February-ish. But I’ve been with my boyfriend for a long time and stay here a lot. Which meant I had my essentials here. This weekend I went over to my parents to clear out my closet and decide what I needed and what I didn’t.

Unfortunately, as a teenager, I felt the need to write everything down and save everything. SO UNNECESSARY! I guess it could be worse. Now days all your deepest darkest secrets aren’t in your closet where maybe your parents or little brother can get to, but instead, the world wide web.

Either way, it took me forever to decipher through notebooks, pictures, random crap, old flowers, etc. It was so easy to throw it in a closet….but I never thought a day would come that I would actually have to go through it. I’ve been working on and off for about a year. But Saturday…I spent so much time going through things. I literally shredded a lot of my life. I didn’t save a lot.

So don’t throw all your junk in a closet. And keep in mind that whatever you put online isn’t like shoving a notebook in a closet…

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