I find it a disservice to students when high school or college professors make students write these ridiculously long papers.

“8 page, double space, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.”

You know what this does? It makes students learn how to BS. Because you can only say so much about something. Once you hit the real world, no one wants to read anything long. People want information as short and quickly as possible.

When students are forced to write more than they need to about a topic than necessary, they’re going to do that with everything. So much is unnecessary. For instance, the word “that” is unnecessary.  Nine times out of 10 you can remove most instances of the word “that.” But if you’re a student trying to fill in your pages, you bet you’re going to use words like “that” to fill space.

What teachers should do is find a reasonable amount, because you have to set some type of guideline, but teachers should teach students how to write tightly and efficiently. I don’t think just because I was a journalism major and am now a writer I should be privileged to have learn how to write tightly.

So teens…..keep this in mind. BS your 10 page term papers, but know that once you hit the real world…you’ll only be giving your customers, managers, etc. the bare minimum—what’s actually necessary.

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