Teach Yourself

I never had anyone to teach me how to put on my makeup, tell me that I’m not supposed to wash my hair everyday or what’s best for my face. And when I managed to gain a ton of weight in college, no one said anything. I got so busy and didn’t even realize it and it took me forever to learn how to lose it. Which is awful.

I spent so much time and money trying to figure out how to lose weight and figure out what I needed to do to keep myself healthy. And finally, after working hard for a year, I figured it out. Carbs. Awful things. I love bread, pasta, etc. so much and they’re just horrific for you. In moderation, sure. I mean you need carbs. But who eats anything in moderation these days? We live in America. We live in a society that is accustomed to think what in reality is two to three servings is one.

While I’m busy now, it seems like in college your hours are so hectic it’s so easy to eat on the go. And that’s what I did. Really, starting from when I began working at 16 that’s when it all started. So from 16 to 24 I was eating all kinds of awful things and it was just bad for me.

But with time, I learned a lot like, I don’t need regular soda (wasted calories!). Wheat bread is good, and even better they have low calorie bread. I love hummus, greek yogurt, turkey burgers instead of regular, etc. I used to hate all kinds of things, but after working in food places and being open to trying new things I found a lot of healthy foods and snacks I liked. I just had to teach myself and try things.

And by no means am I perfect. There are weeks like this one where I’ve picked up old habits. But you just learn and adjust. It’s just knowing that you can’t fall off track too much. And like in the blog I said the other day, enjoy your fast metabolism now as a teenager–because it doesn’t last forever.

Then getting weight off, the only thing that works for me is running. I despite it, running. But I just had to spend the money and buy a nice treadmill that’s tolerable and I got a nice TV for Christmas that I watch. Running + TV = okay experience.

But when it comes to everything else, like I said, no one taught me really how to put my makeup on, what looks good on me or what kinds to use. I remember when a friend of mine introduced me to a the wedges for foundation. Which are great. Now I’ve moved onto mineral makeup, but still, the wedge was a step for me.

No one taught me that I’m not supposed to wash my hair daily either–nor told me what kinds of shampoos/conditioners were good or that I need to put protective stuff in my hair to prevent heat damage. I blow dry and at least straighten my hair daily. (Which I know I’m not supposed to do, but my hair is so fine, I can’t just get up and go).

I’m still a recent college grad into my first job. I make decent money, for sure, but it just covers the bills, so I unforunately can’t buy all the things I want. But I can do my best. My 24th birthday was yesterday and I’ve spent the entire thing on stuff that will help me from face washes/moisturizer and toners to shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and heat protective gel.

I could say I’m pampering myself, but really, it’s stuff I need. Stuff most girls need. Depends on you, but for the most part, these are essential things. Someone looked at my face and discussed with me that I have clogged pores. I can’t see those in the detail she could with this machine. And my hair has a habit of looking dead due to heat damage and split ends. So really, to keep looking my best, I need these things, as well as darker color.-

So instead of just rolling with it, keep an eye on yourself and teach yourself. If no one is helping you. Some girls have someone to guide them. But no one is going to tell you you’re gaining weight or that your hair looks horrific because it’s flat and you have split ends.

Watch yourself and get advice from people who care on what to do (not someone who is trying to make money off you).

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