A Royal Occasion

Whether you loved or hated the coverage of the Royal Wedding, you had an emotion to it. Whether you liked it, disliked it, or were neutral–all feelings.

I’ve never been overly into it. I didn’t even really watch it this morning. Funny, when my boyfriend turned the TV on this morning, and it was on, I saw Pippa and thought it was Kate and wondered to myself how simple her dress was. I’ve since realized that was her sister.

The monarchy fascinates me. I don’t really understand how it all works. Who am I though? I’m just some bloody American.  Words like “servants” “commoner” etc. just seem so odd to me. They seem so 1600s. We carry on tradition in America, but obviously things have progressed with time. There were so many traditions carried on today and things within the Royal Wedding that has been passed down from centuries ago.

I enjoyed getting a recap this evening on news channels. I was able to watch the entire thing in an hour. I’ll have to say, one of my favorite moments was her face on the balcony as the word, “Wow” slipped out from her mouth in utter surprise. As she is now a princess, Duchess of Cambridge.

From the time we’re little girls, the idea of being a “princess” surrounds us from Disney movies to Halloween costumes. It’s not very often, or in fact hasn’t happened, that a normal person becomes royalty. I don’t even understand what it means. But if you’re up for the challenge, sounds like a good life.

I look forward to seeing what Kate will do with her new title. I really respected how Diana spent so much time in her charity work and it’s unfortunate of what happened. I just hope people, myself included, don’t compare William’s new bride to his mother.


I walk in the door, and there she is. She rubs against me with her soft fur and gives a cackle in the form of a hello.  Then later on when I’m relaxing on the couch, she comes and either sits next to me or on me, rubbing her face on mine and falling over in a roll. And all I can do is smile.

You know, you talk about your pets and people who don’t have them roll their eyes. Think you’re crazy.

But you know, pets are pretty awesome. While they don’t speak our language, they understand. If I’m having a bad day, she can sense it. If she knows I’m in a giving mood, she’ll whine to get what she wants. While she’s just a cat, she’s very intelligent. So smart. And sweet. I really love having a pet. She keeps me on my toes and keeps me smiling.


Picture from The Lens Flare Website

This blog won’t have anything to do with whatever theme I have going on.

I love thunderstorms. There’s a mystery and intensity to them. The fact that you just don’t know. You can see it on the radar but you don’t know what’s coming. And as intense as they might be, they’re relaxing to listen to.

Inclimate weather of any kind throws everyone off. It’s all you can think and talk about.  With snow, well, it just sucks if you have to leave the house. But it’s quiet and you can somewhat forget that snowpocolypse is going on outside your window.

But with thunderstorms, they’re loud and demanding.  They beg for your attention.  They require it in full. Even if you’re ignoring it or busy, you know it’s there.

There’s a waterfall hitting the roof, with blowing winds tapping at the window. Booming noises followed by flashing light. Sounds trippy when you think about it.  And yet somehow, relaxing.

You Really Can Do What You Want…

I love to write. I think that’s pretty evident considering I started a blog. I write all day at work and then sometimes on the side. I’ve loved it since I was little, but back then it was different and more stories, poems, etc. Either way, since day one, it’s what I’ve loved to do. And so when I graduated high school and had my pick of degrees, I chose journalism. It opened me up to questions like, “Do you want to be the next Katie Couric?” “Are we going to see you on the 11 p.m. news?”

No. Writer. Hello.

For awhile, I had my doubts because I didn’t feel involved. I went to a college downtown, not a community college, that’s just where it was–so it was very much a commuter school. Never really made any friends when I first started, nor did I want to. Mistake number one.

Journalism is different than just writing. It’s learning to live, eat and breathe AP style. It’s about being creative as quick and to the point as possible. After all, you have five seconds to capture someone’s attention in your first paragraph and if you don’t have them, they’re gone.

Blogs like this are more free and fun. I don’t really believe anyone reads them and this one is fairly new.

But when you’re writing for a publication, it’s a rush. Such a rush. There is this feeling, whether it’s online or print, of seeing your name there on something you’ve worked hard on with other people. I love that feeling. It’s the same everytime I finish something. I love reading through something I’ve written and just thinking, “Damn, that’s good.”

I love being able to tell a story, especially someone’s story. It’s quite a responsibility, really. Talking to someone and understanding every aspect of it inside and out then portraying it perfectly within a set of words. For that moment of time you spend with someone, whether it’s in person or on the phone, I get that piece of them and we connect. We’ll probably never speak again but always have this connection. I remember every single one.

What I also love journalism are the people. Granted, I’m fresh meat. I’m just a year out of college but I feel as though I have a world of experience. Once friend went straight out of college to a newspaper, and many intern at magazines or other similar places around the city. Another has had internships with ESPN and the NCAA. Another writes military freelance all over the country. Then my professors. All journalists currently working in the field. I’ve truly learned from the best. It’s incredible establishing a relationship with these people.

What I loved about the class I was originally with from Junior year on was we all had our nitches. A few writers of different styles, photographers then editors. Oh boy, who knew editing would be fun? I love it. That’s even more of a challenge. I never knew I’d have this crazy eye for consistency, style, etc. And taking what someone else has done and turning great work into a masterpiece is a fun challenge. Or terrible work into something readable.

I’m rambling. It’s because I love it. And where I’m going is I took the time, stuck it out, spent five years in school and here I am–a published freaking journalist. Not just in a school publication, I’ve got work from my full time job and other work I’ve done on the side. I didn’t think this could happen so soon. And yet, it has. I can tell writing on a professional level is coming easier to me, I rarely get writers block and ideas just flow.

And if I can stick it out and have made it this far just a year out of college, anyone can do whatever they put they’re mind too. Sure, that’s cliche. It’s never easy. Five years of college wasn’t easy, especially with my last three semesters having a major focus on my second concentration (like a minor) in new media basically building websites, coding, etc. I’m surprised I graduated with hair because while I was living journalism, I was also living html, Flash and ActionScript. But I did, and here I am. I put my foot down, busted ass and did it.

There Will Be A Day The Bottles Come Down

It’s funny what is so cool at one point in your life just becomes a mess in clutter. Last weekend I shredded all my journals from high school and early college. Tonight, I took the bottles off the mantle. For so long I had to leave them up. Memories. All kinds of fun nights, and not so fun nights, with my friends. Also, I felt like I wanted to keep them up there because some of those were so expensive. Others though, definitely memories.

It doesn’t fit me or my boyfriend anymore though. They haven’t fit either one of us, or our friends for a long time and I’ve felt as though it’s been an inaccurate portrayal. It’s the last remnice of a “bachelor pad” his place had.  Since I moved in, we’ve done some work here and there. That was the last piece.

I’m not a big drinker, never have been. But did (and still do for some circumstances) find it really neat to have some cool alcohol bottles on display. Yet all things come to an end, and so I bid farewell to the bottles on the mantle. I have taken a picture to remember you.