A Royal Occasion

Whether you loved or hated the coverage of the Royal Wedding, you had an emotion to it. Whether you liked it, disliked it, or were neutral–all feelings. I’ve never been overly into it. I didn’t even really watch it this morning. Funny, when my boyfriend turned the TV on this morning, and it was on, […]

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I walk in the door, and there she is. She rubs against me with her soft fur and gives a cackle in the form of a hello. ┬áThen later on when I’m relaxing on the couch, she comes and either sits next to me or on me, rubbing her face on mine and falling over […]

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This blog won’t have anything to do with whatever theme I have going on. I love thunderstorms. There’s a mystery and intensity to them. The fact that you just don’t know. You can see it on the radar but you don’t know what’s coming. And as intense as they might be, they’re relaxing to listen […]

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