It Won’t Matter

So there’s the new song on Glee, “Loser Like Me.” The phrase “Go ahead and run your mouth so everyone can hear.” I think the phrase “run  your mouth” was used on a daily, possibly hourly basis when I was in high school. It’s funny how in high school people are always running their mouths. And it’s so serious when you find out someone has been talking smack behind your back.

It is hurtful though. It’s so easy to talk about someone else, but then the second you find out you’re the key person that’s being bashed on behind closed doors, it’s not so fun anymore.

The title “It Won’t Matter” comes from the fact that all the things people say about you or whatever won’t matter the second you have that diploma in hand. Off to college means off to a new start. You really won’t give two craps about what anyone thinks once you’re out of school. Hell there was a rumor that a group of us really close friends were lesbians and had an orgy. The things that get said and made up in high school…

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a lesbian, but the truth of that rumor is as close to Adam Lambert dating Kendra Wilkinson. Feel me? But now when we’ve brought that rumor up, we just laugh about it. It doesn’t matter.

Sad thing is, it doesn’t change. There’s still drama in the “real world.” There’s still smack talking. But it’s not nearly as confrontational. Or at least not what I have witnessed. It’s just annoying and exhausting.

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