It’ll All Be Okay.

I think the most important thing for teens to remember is that it’ll all be okay.  When you’re a teenager, you’re a basketcase of emotions and hormones trying to figure out who you are, and figuring out what you want out of life. Thinking back on teenage years, which weren’t that long ago for me, it was both the best and worst time.

You’re in limbo. That’s what’s the worst. And you take everything so personally and seriously as a teen. (Or, some are the exact opposite). Someone talks behind you’re back and it’s the end of the world. Or you screwed up on your curfew and can’t go out with all your friends. Then, to make matters worse, not going makes you “uncool.”


But I understand the worry. It’s just how teenagers are. So judgmental. And now days there’s Facebook and Twitter which make it even easier to be stressed.

Once you hit college, all the pettiness starts to fade. It’s funny, I remember sitting in my room, either grounded or not with my friends thinking it was the end of the world and coming up with every possible thought that people were thinking about me.

In reality, nobody cares. In the end, people only care about themselves. For the most part, the negativity fades. Some people can’t get out of the mindset that the world is coming to an end. But for the most part, it goes away.

And while the high school years can suck as bad as they are fun, don’t take it so seriously. It really will be okay. It makes me sick to my stomach that kids are committing suicide because they’re being bullied. It’ll all be okay! You just have to trudge through it, cause it gets better.

Be serious about the things you need to be serious about, like you’re grades, sports, or things you’re passionate about. But have fun with the rest. Don’t waste your time on frenemies, people that don’t like you or people that bring you down.

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